Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Family Reunion Catered

Family reunions can be a very fun and exciting time. They can be full of catching up with childhood friendships, meeting new younger family members, full of laughter, games and lots of wonderful, delicious food. Most family reunions are based around who is cooking what dish. This part of the reunion alone can take a lot of time and planning. Each person must commit to coming to the reunion and then commit to a specific dish or dishes to cook and prepare. 

Take the food stress out of a family reunion by having it catered. Here are five of the many reasons why having a family reunion catered is best.

1. More Time with Family

The first and most obvious reason to have your family reunion catered is to spend more time with family and less time worrying about the food. Most family reunions revolve around food. They are inside someone’s home or outside at a park with several people preparing days before or spending hours the day of grilling all of the food. Instead of taking everyone’s time by having them prepare the food themselves have a professional business cater the event. The designated griller or grillers will be so pleased to be able to talk to their family rather than cook for them. 

2. Less Prep Time Involved

As much as a person tries to prepare things ahead of time so as to not have too much to do the day of the even. Sometimes that is simply not possible. There will always be things that can only be done the day of the event when dealing with food. So hiring a catering business can eliminate this “day of” prepping issue. 

3. Caterers Are Food Professionals 

Meals take a lot of time to prep time. Prepping a meal for a couple of hundred people can be beyond overwhelming. The planning of the meal, the delegating who will cook what and ensuring that only one of each dish is made. Who will bring the plasticware, the paper plate and the plastic cups? Making sure drinks are not left out. There is a lot of coordinating involved in a large event such as a family reunion. Luckily with a professional catering service, they know exactly what sides to pair with which entrees and will have all of the necessary extras needed for the food side of things. 

4.The Place

Most family reunions are at someone’s house. Putting that kind of responsibility on one person can be very overwhelming for that person. That person also may not have the equipment or supplies to cater to the needs of that amount of people. Deciding to have your family reunion catered and possibly at a venue rather than someone’s house can relief a lot of stress from one single person. 

5. No Cleanup

The worst part about any even especially a family reunion is the aftermath. At some point, the clean up will have to begin. This involves a whole different set of supplies trash bags, cleaning supplies, dish cleaning supplies, etc. If skipping that whole process is appealing to you then, hiring a catering service is exactly what you and your family need to do for your next family reunion. 

Decided to have your next family reunion catered professionally? Don’t hesitate to call the best in the business, United Catering. They can offer a stress-free, beautifully and tastefully planned meal that you and your entire family will be talking about until next years family reunion. 

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